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Weiyi Xia          

Weiyi Xia

Predoctoral Student of Computer Science, School of Engineering

Vanderbilt University



2525 West End Ave, Suite 800

Nashville, TN 37203

tel: +1 615 887 4798

fax: +1 615 322 0520

Weiyi Xia works in the Health Information Privacy Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Brad Malin. Her research focuses on privacy issues of electronic medical records and genomics (eMERGE).


Vanderbilt University (Expected 2014)
Nashville, Tennessee
Doctor of Computer Science
Advisor: Dr. Brad Malin

Peking Uiversity (2010)
Beijing, China
M.S. of Computer Science
Advisor: Keyi Wang

Beihang Uiversity (2007)
Beijing, China
B.E. of Computer Science and Technology
Advisor: Yue Qi