OHPEN Lab: Optimization of Health ProcEsses and Networks Laboratory

OHPEN is directed by You Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor. The lab aims to leverage sophisticated network analysis, data mining, and machine learning techniques to learn patterns (human-computer interaction workflow, healthcare worker collaboration) representing good practice in the implementation of collaborative patient-centred care. Based on the evidences learned from healthcare data, the lab has been investigating how best to help healthcare organziaitons to optimize practices and allocate resources to improve clinical outcome, patient safety, and healthcare worker well-being.


Graduate student and post-doc positions available

Job Description:The target project for these positions is the development of network analysis, data mining and machine learning algorithms to derive enhanced predictive models and actionable knowledge from data in electronic health records, social media, community health status indicators, mobile health and human genomics.

Requirements: Candidates should have sufficient experience in network analysis, data mining, machine learning, large-scale data analysis or statistics. He/she should have discipline and high motivation to pursue independent research in computer science or biomedical informatics.

How to Apply: To apply, send a CV, a research statement and three reference letters to you.chen@vanderbilt.edu





Discovering Care Coordination Practice Patterns in the EMR.

The overarching goal of this project is to learn care coordination patterns through the data stored in electronic medical record systems, assess their influence on care effectiveness (in the form of LOS and readmission), and evaluate the extent to which they are ready for adoption by healthcare organizations through comprehensive surveys and interviews with knowledgeable healthcare experts.

  • August 19
  • July 23

Multi-institutional Study

Discovering Effective Care Teams to Satisfy Patient Medical Needs Across Healthcare Organizations

  • May 15
  • xxxx

Patient Safety

Discovering Effective Human Factors to Improve Patient Safety in Intensive Care Units

  • May, 2017
  • xx xx
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