Networking - we all do it. Sometimes we don't even realize that we do it. Yet, our interactions and relationships are captured and stored in various information systems. These relationships, though not explicit, can be inferred by collocations of individuals in various locales, e.g., scientists on the same editorial board, people who appeared in the same movie, physicians who accessed the same patient's electronic medical record. Subsequently, these networks can be used for a variety of endeavors, such as the disambiguation of names or detection of community structures. Our research focuses on the design and application of computational and statistical mechanisms for learning and analyzing social relationships from such information repositories.

Current Grant Support: National Library of Medicine, NIH (2009-2013), NSF Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technologies (2007-2015), National Science Foundation Trustworthy Computing (2010-2014)

Auditing in Collaborative Environments:

Inferring Relations & Processess Through Media Usage:

Learning & Modeling Dynamic Communities:

Networking for Aliasing and Disambiguation:

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