hornet.application – Hornet

Primary objects for running and configuring HORNET.

Module author: John Paulett <john.paulett -at- vanderbilt.edu>

exception hornet.application.InvalidConfiguration

The configuration provided contains an invalid option.

exception message
class hornet.application.Config

Configuration object defines the preferences for running HORNET, including all the plugins that should be run.

Required Attributes:

  • plugins (dict(str, hornet.plugin.Plugin)) - Dictionary plugins to execute. The dictionary keys should be unique identifiers for each plugin instance.
  • output_dir (string) - Path to save output.
  • start (date) - Start date of period to analyze.
  • end (date) - End date of period to analyze
  • period_size (timedelta) - Size of time to split the period by.
class hornet.application.PluginRunner(config)

Main application loop for HORNET. Takes a configuration file and runs the plugins as specified by that config file.

Returns the instance of the plugin specified by the id of plugin_id. The plugin_id is the :
Begin execution of the plugins.
Teardown the plugins.
hornet.application.bind_plugins(parent, plugins_dict)
Associate the parent with all the plugins and set the hornet.plugin.Plugin.id attributes of the plugins to the keys of plugins_dict. Returns a list of the plugins.
For the list of plugins, find which ones are not listening to any other plugins. These plugins are consider the root plugins and will be started with a hornet.event.ProcessingStart event.
Call the setup() method on all plugins.

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