HORNET Basic Usage


Optional Requirements

Installing HORNET

The preferred method for installing HORNET is to create an isolated installation location, using virtualenv, at HORNET_HOME/bootstrap.

$ paver bootstrap
$ source bootstrap/bin/activate

(bootstrap)$ paver install

Executing HORNET

(bootstrap)$ hornet --help
Usage: hornet [options]

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a ACTION, --action=ACTION
                        Perform the ACTION (one of run, profile, test,
                        Use the configuration in CONFIG_FILE (defaults
                        to './config_hornet.py')
  -p, --psyco           Turn on psyco compilation

Configuration File

Hornet is configured in config_hornet.py using a hornet.application.Config object. A sample config_hornet.py:

import hornet

import hornet.plugin.networkbuilder
import hornet.plugin.abstractor
import hornet.plugin.ruleminer
import hornet.db

from datetime import date, timedelta

c = hornet.Config()

c.output_dir = 'results'

# Set up periods
c.start = date(2006,  1, 1)
c.end = date(2006, 5, 28)
c.period_size = timedelta(7)

db = hornet.db.OracleDb('scott', 'tiger', 'localhost:1521/orcl')

# Network Builder
c.plugins['builder'] = hornet.plugin.networkbuilder.NetworkBuilder()
c.plugins['builder'].builder = hornet.plugin.networkbuilder.DatabaseGraphBuilder
c.plugins['builder'].builder.db = db

# Abstract graph
c.plugins['abstract'] = hornet.plugin.abstractor.GraphAbstraction()
c.plugins['abstract'].provider = hornet.plugin.abstractor.DatabaseAttributeProvider(db)
c.plugins['abstract'].listen_to = [c.plugins['builder']]

# Rule Decay
c.plugins['ruleslen'] = hornet.plugin.ruleminer.BaseMiner()
c.plugins['ruleslen'].listen_to = [c.plugins['builder']]

# Display Association Rules and Rule Decay
c.plugins['rules'] = hornet.plugin.ruleminer.RuleMiner()
c.plugins['rules'].listen_to = [c.plugins['abstract']]

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