Building SOEMPI from source

  1. The openxds repository requires authentication. For this reason create a user account on this portal. Give a password which is unique and not a problem if it is stored in a plain text file. Craft/copy a settings.xml file like this in maven's repository folder ("~/.m2"): settings.xml. If you are part of HIPLAB you can use this file from HIPLAB server: "/home/ctoth/EA/settings.xml". Please do not forget to change the localRepository tag!!!
  2. Change directory to SOEMPI's openempi folder: "cd ~/SOEMPI/openempi"
  3. Issue the build command: "mvn -Dmaven.test.skip install"
  4. Maven will download lots of jar files into it's repository. The first build will fail due to some problems with the gxt-2.1.1.jar ([ERROR] Line 548: Event.ONPASTE cannot be resolved). To overcome this please download extjs.tar.gz compressed package (if you are a HIPLAB member you can find this file in /home/ctoth/EA folder too). Replace the existing gxt-2.1.1.jar with it's content.
  5. Issue the build command again: "mvn -Dmaven.test.skip install". Maven will download lots of modules again and your build should be successful now.