Health Information Privacy Laboratory

News Story 1 (November 2019): Our paper, "Biomedical Research Cohort Membership Disclosure on Social Media", received the Distinguished Paper Award at the 2019 AMIA Annual Symposium! Download the paper!

News Story 2 (March 2019): Our paper, "Efficient Active Learning for Electronic Medical Record De-identification", received the Best Data Science Paper Award at the 2019 AMIA Informatics Summit! Download the assocated presentation!

News Story 3 (November 2017): An article in HealthIT Security reports on our JAMA Internal Medicine article, which call for better health data breach statistics.

News Story 4 (January 2017): A great media piece on our research on game theory and genomic privacy just came out. Read all about it!

The Health Information Privacy Laboratory (HIPLAB) at Vanderbilt University was founded to address the growing needs for privacy technology research and development for the emerging health information technologies sector. The goal of the HIPLAB is to improve the protection of patients' privacy in health information systems. The HIPLAB is based in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, in the School of Medicine, and has relationships with various departments around the university and beyond.

The HIPLAB performs basic, as well as, applied research in a number of health-related areas, including primary care and secondary sharing of patient-specific data for research purposes. Projects in the HIPLAB are multi-faceted and draw upon methodologies in computer science, the biomedical sciences, and public policy.

We aim to improve the standard of healthcare and health information systems by developing technologies that enable trust.

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